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A Manifesto for Defending Fragile Reputations in an Age of Instant Scandal


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  • Glass Jaw

    Glass Jaw is an Art of War guide to modern crisis management. In boxing terms, a tough looking fighter who can’t take a punch is said to have a “glass jaw,” and so it is these days with targets of controversy.

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  • Best of Enemies

    The thrilling true story of two Cold War spies, CIA case officer Jack Platt and KGB agent Gennady Vasilenko–improbable friends at a time when they should have been anything but.

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  • Damage Control

    How did Hewlett Packard survive their scandal, while Arthur Andersen was vindicated only after it was too late? How did Martha Stewart save her career and her company from charges, while Dan Rather was deposed? Why did Microsoft survive its anti-trust battle while Walmart bashing has become a favorite American pastime?

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  • Nail ‘Em!

    Nail 'Em! is an exploration of the personalities, conflicts, and motivations involved in high-profile attacks. Who are the likely targets and why? What types of allegations are made? Who makes them? What do they hope to gain?

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  • False Light

    False Light is a thrilling tale of revenge set against the vibrant backdrop of sensationalist modern media.

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  • The Devil Himself

    In late 1982, a spike in terrorism has the Reagan Administration considering covert action to neutralize the menace before it hits our shores. There are big risks to waging a secret war against America’s enemies — but there is one little-known precedent.

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  • Shakedown Beach

    In his novel Shakedown Beach, damage control guru and South Jersey native Eric Dezenhall returns to the scene of his previous crimes and completes his South Jersey trilogy with a new take on political propaganda and the ugly truths that lurk behind a curtain of spin.

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  • Spinning Dixie

    Can a spin doctor with a scorching midlife crisis spark a second Civil War to impress his old girlfriend?

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  • Jackie Disaster

    She's Sally Naturale, America's deliciously loathsome doyenne of good taste and wholesome living... and everybody wants to kill her. He's Giovanni "Jackie Disaster" De Sesto, former South Jersey welterweight boxing champ, ex-flack for the Atlantic City Police Department, and founder of Allegation Sciences, a crisis management firm.

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  • Turnpike Flameout

    When a private jet crashes in the New Jersey Pine Barrens on the Fourth of July, the search begins for faded rock and roller Turnpike Bobby Chin.

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  • Money Wanders

    What if Tony Soprano hired a spin doctor? That’s the intriguing premise of Eric Dezenhall’s debut novel, Money Wanders, which provides a fascinating insider’s look at the current culture of media and Internet witch hunts and propaganda.

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